Ear Infections 101. Why Chiropractic Helps When Antibiotics Fail.  

March 20, 2024

Recurring ear Infections aren’t a dairy issues… they’re a drainage issue.

DId you know that the majority of ear infections in kids are viral infections? Meaning the majority of ear infections are non responsive to antibiotics, so if you are like so many parents frustrated with the constant battle of recurring ear infections you are not alone. 

But what do you do when your little has ANOTHER ear infection brewing? You could seek holistic or homeopathic remedies like oregano oil or garlic oil, but these too are not addressing the root cause of WHY these infections keep happening. 

SImply put, your immune system is exhausted. 

But I bet you’re wondering how it got to this place. I mean after all, it seems silly that your little one is exhausted when they are so young, but as a pediatric chiropractic practice we know that a weakened immune system is often the result of a stressed out nervous system. 

Often we see this stress begin to set in from a stressful birth process, riddled with interventions like a cesarean delivery, forceps, vacuum, or even a vaginal delivery that was way too fast!  All of these disrupt the natural drainage system that the body has from the head and sinuses. One of the main drainage structures we have is the Eustacian tube which runs along the side of the neck, and is powered by  the Vagus nerve. Frequently, cesareans add extra stress to this structure making it very difficult for the nervous system to naturally drain and detox, causing a literal backup triggering the immune system to spark a healing response AKA inflammation. Basically we have a plumbing problem. But having your immune system constantly triggered will eventually exhaust it, making it more susceptible for infections to take control. 

What neuro focus chiropractic does is help the nervous system’s natural drainage pathways by removing interference to your neurospinal system, then focus on helping your nervous system shift into a parasympathetic state so that your immune system can begin to thrive! 

Now as much as I wish this change happened with one adjustment or overnight, the patterns your nervous system developed to get to this point take time to deconstruct and more time to reintroduce better patterns. I don’t mention this to discourage you but rather right size your expectations that often an adjustment in the middle of an infection will most likely not stop ear infections in its tracks- that’s what homeopathy for. Chiropractic is not a natural antibiotic or holistic remedy, but a tool to address the root cause for a chronically weakened immune system. 

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