Hey there! I am Dr. Cecilia Bettencourt and I have always been in awe of the human body and the immense capability it encompasses. I was initially introduced to this amazing potential first hand as a chiropractic patient, then as an assistant, and the rest is history!

I’ve always wanted to help kids express their full potential through health, and give families the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest naturally. When I was finally introduced to chiropractic I couldn’t believe how perfectly everything aligned with that purpose, all while making a positive impact for generations to come. 

My mission is to unlock your harnessed potential through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments so you may heal, thrive, and grow in such a way that allows you to take back control of your health and vitality in life at any age. I can’t wait to begin this journey with you! 

Meet Dr. Cece

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